Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Dylan Royston

  • Advisor: Jennifer Collinger

Dylan Royston is PhD student in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his undergraduate degrees in biomedical engineering and neuroscience at the University of Virginia in 2013.

Research Interest Summary

Brain-computer interfaces, neuroprosthetics, neural decoding, neuroimaging, sensorimotor control, multisensory integration, neural connectivity

Research Interests

Dylan’s research interests focus on the human sensorimotor system and intracortical brain-computer interfaces. His work uses noninvasive neuroimaging to study the relationship between multimodal sensory information and motor control, as well as the spatial organization of upper limb movement and somatosensory representations. He also uses intracortical recordings to study how populations of neurons encode upper limb movement, and is working to develop novel decoding strategies to enable dexterous control of neuroprosthetic hands.