Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Kris Keppel

  • Advisor: Robert Gaunt

Kris is currently a junior bioengineering major at the University of Pittsburgh, with aspirations to attend medical school after graduation.  Kris has been working in the Rehab Neural Engineering lab since the summer of 2017, and during his time has taken on a variety of different projects, including a model of sensory and motor cortex brain activity using both Arudino and MATLAB software.

Research Interest Summary

Modeling the tissue-electrode interface in the stimulation circuitry

Research Interests

Kris's current project is an attempt to develop a simple circuit model for the tissue-electrode interface in the stimulation circuitry.  With no model present, it is difficult to accurately gauge the amount of voltage that is being sent across that interface.  Kris hopes to solve this problem by developing a model with simple circuit elements, which can then be used to accurately predict the true voltage.  This could ultimately help devise new patienty safety measures and preventions.