Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

SCS for Stroke

Study Goal

Many people who have had a stroke experience long-term arm weakness that makes it difficult to do daily tasks. Although physical therapy can help restore function in the arm for some people who have had a stroke, many do not fully recover. The purpose of this study is to learn more about the use of spinal cord and spinal nerve neurostimulation to restore arm movement in people who have had a stroke. Researchers hope their findings will lead to better ways to treat people experiencing arm weakness following a stroke in the future.   

Study Summary

Participation involves up to 26 study visits over about nine months, but most visits will take place during a 30-day timeframe chosen to accommodate the participant’s schedule. Study procedures include pre-operative evaluation, an outpatient medical procedure, and up to four weeks of testing. Assessments include questionnaires, MRI scans, and blood draws.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Ages 21-70
  • Had a stroke more than 6 months ago
  • Have arm weakness
  • Do not have any implanted medical devices
  • Willing to attend up to 26 in-person visits, including at least 2 visits a week for 30 days


Principle Investigator
Marco Capogrosso, PhD

Study Coordinator
Amy Boos, MSBME, OTR/L

For more information call
Amy Boos


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