Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Alex Watson, MD, MBA

  • Advisor: Jennifer Collinger

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Alex worked at small agencies in/around Manhattan before deciding to attend medical school where he completed a dual MD/MBA program. Ultimately, he decided on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for residency, because the specialty featured aspects of musculoskeletal and neurologic medicine. He ranked Pitt/UPMC at the top, both because this residency program affords residents the opportunity to dedicate substantial time to research as well as the type/quality of research taking place at RNEL.

Research Interest Summary

brain-computer interface, neurorehabilitation, prehabilitation, quality improvement, clinical outcomes.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in applications of brain computer interface in the rehabilitation of both spinal cord injury and brain injury. On top of this, my interests also include the growing recognition of the importance of "prehabilitation"- the idea that preparation for elective/non-emergent procedures through targeted diet/exercise programs leads to better clinical outcomes. Finally, I am also interested in administrative/advocacy policy to improve outcomes at both the hospital and community-level.