Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Ashley Dalrymple, PhD

Ashley Dalrymple is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Dalrymple received her doctorate in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB, Canada under the supervision of Dr. Vivian Mushahwar. Her research focused on machine learning to characterize spinal motor patterns, as well as using machine learning to control a spinal cord implant, intraspinal microstimulation, to restore walking in a hemiplegia model. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Dr. Dalrymple previously worked for the Bionics Institute in Melbourne, Australia, where she characterized coating materials and stimualtion safety in cochlear implants. 

Research Interest Summary

Neural Interfaces, Rehabilitation, Machine Learning, Control Systems, Sensorimotor Systems, Plasticity

Research Interests

Dr. Dalrymple is interested in neural interfaces for sensorimotor rehabilitation and understanding. She is particularly interested in developing control systems for restoring lost function after neural injury or disease, using machine learning to understand and restore function, innovating neural interface systems, and using neural interfaces to study the spinal cord and other regions of the nervous system.