Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Ernesto Bedoy

  • Advisor: Doug Weber

Ernesto graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Psychology and double-minor in Biology and Neuroscience. His undergraduate research involved running behavioral experiments on neurologically impaired rats and creating Hodgkin & Huxley models to understand biological changes induced by neural plasticity and disease. He continued his training in the Neuroscience graduate training program (CNUP) by characterizing behavior in Parkinsonian monkeys. He is currently in the 3rd year of the program investigating how stroke-induced changes in muscle synergies are represented during functional tasks involving the hand in humans.

Research Interest Summary

Testing and improving neural prosthetics to improve cognitive and motor impairments.

Research Interests

Ernesto is interested in understanding changes in neural activity associated with motor and cognitive impairments and how normal function can be restored with neural prosthetic technology. The  goal of his current project is to synthesize an understanding of post-stroke neural reorganization and neural plasticity induced by peripheral electrical stimulation to help develop an intervention to restore  dexterous hand function in stroke survivors.