Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Khaterah Kohneshin

  • Advisor: Robert Gaunt

Khaterah obtained her bachelor's degree in Neuropsychology in 2017 and now is in the last phase of her master's in Neuroscience and Cognition at Utrecht University. Previously worked in professor Nick Ramsey's lab at the Brain Center Rudolph Magnus in Utrecht, looking into ways to improve the accuracy of brain-computer interfaces by using error-related neural signals. Has also worked at the Brain, Behavior, and Cognition department at Philips Research in Eindhoven, where she looked into the usability of steady-state visual evoked potentials in brain-computer interface applications.

Research Interest Summary

Brain-computer interfaces, sensory neuroprosthetics, somatosensory feedback, computational modeling.

Research Interests

Currently, Khaterah is working on the sensory side of the human BCI project and is investigating how restored sensation impacts prosthetic arm control. She is interested in understanding how intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) can be used to restore sensory functions.