Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Rohit Bose

  • Advisor: Lee Fisher

Rohit is a graduate student in the Rehab Neural Engineering Labs in the University of Pittsburgh. He finished his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Post his undergrad, he has worked at the Cognitive Neuroengineering Lab in National University of Singapore and in Indian Statistical Institute. His main focus was to understand the complex neural mechanism underlying in the brain during different cognitive tasks.

Research Interest Summary

Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroprosthetics, Network Theory, Machine Learning

Research Interests

Rohit is interested in building prosthetic limbs for amputees with better embodiment by providing a feedback stimulation. Along with behavioral response of the subjects, he aims to study the cognition behind stimulus perception using network neuroscience. He is also keen to unravel the dynamic neural networks responsible for multisensory integration. His main goal is to develop a bi-directional prosthesis that can make an amputee feel realistic touch sensations, exercise better control and even cure phantom limb pain.